Individual life

Lyonne lives in New York City.

Lawful issues

August 2001: Lyonne was captured for driving affected by liquor after she ran her leased auto onto a Miami Beach walkway, hitting a street sign and bringing on minor damages.  In August 2002, Lyonne pled liable to smashed driving and paid $1,000 in fines and court expenses, performed 50 hours of group administration, participated in a casualty's board composed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, was set on post trial supervision for one year, and had her permit suspended for one year.

2003: Lyonne was expelled by her proprietor, performer Michael Rapaport, taking after various protests by different occupants about her behavior.

December 2004: Lyonne was captured after verbally debilitating her neighbor, softening a mirror up the neighbor's loft, and undermining to attack the neighbor's dog. She spent a night in prison before being summoned on charges of criminal naughtiness, provocation, and trespassing. The points of interest of this occurrence did not turn out to be openly known until two years had passed. In April 2005, a capture warrant was issued for Lyonne for inability to show up in court on the charges. Prosecutors say she went to court, however arrived an hour late and stayed for 30 minutes. Police were not able to find Lyonne until her hospitalization was accounted for in August. Charges were later dropped.

Wellbeing issues

2005: Lyonne was in Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan under a nom de plume, had been there for over a month subsequent to being exchanged from Bellevue Hospital. She purportedly experienced hepatitis C, a heart contamination, and a caved in lung, and was experiencing methadone treatment.[34] In January 2006, another capture warrant was issued for her after she missed another hearing. Her attorney said a crisis had emerged, yet did not give points of interest.

2006: Lyonne was in the Caron Foundation, a medication and liquor treatment focus, and showed up in court in the wake of missing a few court dates to confront prior charges of underhandedness, trespass and provocation. A judge sentenced her to contingent discharge.

2012: Lyonne experienced open heart surgery to right harm created by her heart contamination. She immediately recouped from the surgery, and talked about her past wellbeing issues on The Rosie Show in March 2012.

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