Friday, August 7, 2015

A Day Apartment Hunting With Natasha Lyonne

A Day Apartment Hunting With Natasha Lyonne
This is going to be funny,” Natasha Lyonne text messages me, urging me to join her on an apartment hunt she'd just started. “Host of characters. Yer missing out on the crazy lady.”.

Natasha Lyonne‎ - Interview
With her slyly engaging performance as the tough, wise former junkie on the hit Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, Natasha Lyonne has yet again emerged as a challenging, dynamic actor, and ...

Natasha Lyonne in Comedy From Roundabout ...‎ - The New York Times
Natasha Lyonne and Halley Feiffer star in Kim Rosenstock's comedy about a big cat escaped from the zoo and other depressing variables of life.

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